Thursday, 28 March 2013

More Pics

Today we had our shutters installed, I love them, they look so good and make a big difference to the house.

Here are some more pics of the house

Master suite.....there is a lot of room. Thinking of a feature wall behind the bed, just need to deide what colour

Stairwell. Looking for a pendent light to hang there

Upstairs hallway from the stairs looking to the front of the house to the master suite balcony door

Upstairs hallway looking towards the back of the house.
3 door linen cupboard upstairs
Upstairs loo
Downstairs hallway looking towards the front door


Our shutters in the downstairs leisure room.

The rest of the house is still a work in progress.....still unpacking and we need to buy some more furniture, so stayed tuned.
Excavation of the backyard starts next week for the pool and landscaping.


  1. Beautiful shutters. I'd like to see what pendant light you put above your staircase. That's the one light that I can't seem to decide on for our place.

  2. Onewheel it is all looking fantastic, lovely to see you settling in and enjoying your new house.


  3. Hi onewheel - I was just wondering who did your shutters? They look wonderful! There are so many places that do them, but I don't know which is the best quality. Thank you! :)