Saturday, 2 March 2013

Paving & letterbox

We have been looking for quite a while for paving around our pool and a letterbox. Now we are closer to moving in, we need to decide on what we want and start ordering some items.

For the pool area and alfrecso, we have decided to have light Travertine pavers. It is a natural stone product and hopefully cooler to walk on during a hot summer day. Here is a sample

Here is a picture of the Travertine next to a pool. Now we just need to shop around for a good price.

Today we also ordered our letterbox. After getting some quotes to have one built, it was a bit cheaper to buy a stone one. The store is not far from us so we could go to the showroom to have a look but they also have a pretty good website, which is where we found them initially. They have some beautiful stone letter boxes, in various types of stone, light and dark. We decided to go dark as it will blend in with our driveway which is "Gunmetal", a grey colour similar to the roof tiles. This is the one we have ordered.


  1. Hi Onewheel,

    Love your letterbox!
    Can I ask where did you order it?


  2. Hi M, the letterbox is from "Stone & Craft Slate Imports" at Revesby, NSW. Their website is

    Photo's and prices are on their website.