Thursday, 31 January 2013

More progress and new tile selected

Received a phone call this week from the tile supplier Di Lorenzo advising us the main floor tile we had selected last year, in April 2012, had been delivered to them from the tile supplier and they found it had a design fault through the lot of them and could not be used. Pretty happy that Di Lorenzo have quality control processes in place that picked this up. Hate to imagine the drama's if the floor tile had been laid, then had to be ripped up again.

So went off today to pick another tile. As our original main floor tile had been selected to go with the kitchen, laundry and downstairs bathroom, we tried to get as close to this so everything matched, as the original tile in a smaller size, which had no design fault, have already been laid in the laundry and powder room.

Anyway, we managed to find one we liked in the standard range, a little darker than what we had selected previously. They have them in stock, so hopefully they'll process the order asap and they'll get delivered soon. Hopefully the SS can schedule the tiler in soon too.

Each week more progress at the house. Met with our blinds supplier today on site and while there I took a few snaps of work done of the last week or so. It is all coming along quite well.

Our front door has been stained in mahogany.

So too has the balcony door

Kitchen caesarstone, sink and tap installed. Caesarstone is Osprey

Caesarstone groves for drainage have been added

My walk in robe has been completed with shelving and hanging rails. Lots of room.
Shower set which we love

Our lovely loo
Hand basin and taps

Our internal doors. Most have been painted now in Taubmans "Big White". On the little paint square you get from bunnings shows the colour as off white. However now it is painted on the walls and doors, it looks white. Still looks good, but I might have chosen a different caesarstone colour on the basins and kitchen if I know it would be so white.
Door handles
Stained staircase

Stained home theatre doors
Walk in store room shelving

We also decided on what blinds to have in our house, after thinking about it for 3 months or so, chaning our minds many times on what to have. We obtained 3 quotes, changed our mind again as to what we wanted, then decided finally on shutters for most of the home. So they have now been ordered and hopefully they'll be ready close to the time when we move in.

We are also getting verticals for the laundry and garage, and block out roller blinds for our 3 door stacker. Here is a pic of the shutters we have ordered, in white.

Friday, 25 January 2013

More bits and pieces

Another week and more bits and pieces are completed. Managed to get some pics on the phone, sorry the quality is not great. Will update with better pics when I can get in the house with the camera.

A first coat of the house has been done.....everything looks white! Eventually the walls will be painted in an offwhite colour, called "Big White".

The shower screens have been installed, as well as the shower & taps.
Bath installed. It is quite deep.

Caesarstone benchtops and basins. Caesarstone is Ocean Foam.

Loos have also been installed. A pic of the powder room

Walk in robe dresser and shelf set

The kitchen caesarstone benchtops have also been installed. The colour is Osprey if you can see any of it under the coverings

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Painters have started

There was no work at the house yesterday, understandable as it was 46c! A cooler day today and we found the painters have started. Only some of the ceilings have been done, so not really much to photograph yet.

A walk around the house and we found the tiler had also grouted the tiles.........they look sooo much better.

A couple more pics. Here are our home theatre doors, finally remembered to take a photo. The timber will be stained in a clear stain.

Our pull out bin in the kitchen.
A wider shot of our kitchen......a walk through today and it feels huge, as does the walk in pantry. 
Our ensuite bathroom with tiles grouted. Liking them more now. Not sure what is happening with the lower tiles just above the vanity, I guess the tilers will be back to finish it off when they do the main floor tiles.
Main bathroom
Laundry cabinets.....even with them installed the laundry still feels spacious

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

House is a hive of activity

Lots more work has been done at the house. Blown away how much has been done, they certainly have been busy bee's

In addition to the installation of the other cabinets in the house, two tilers were there working away, plus the carpenters are still going with the skirting boards and doors.

Front porch now tiled

Bathroom cabinets - colour is laminex sorrel. Ceaserstone benchtop will be Ocean Foam

Feature tiles in the ensuite shower.......very hard to decide whether to have the feature tiles horizonal or vertical......eventually we decided on vertical. Still getting used to it, hopefully it will grow on me. Looking forward to it being grouted, I am sure it will look much better once that is done.
 Laundry cabinets. Colour Laminex Platinum Micro. Benchtop is Laminex Stipple Seal (not that you can see much of it uner the carboard)
Home theatre cabinet in Laminex Smoky Sapple.

The hive of activity at the house....looking from the front door towards the kitchen & living areas. You can just see the home theatre on the right. It's all happening!
The upstairs balcony railing has also been installed
The bath has been delivered, ready to be installed, plus lots of floor tiles.

On another note, we also ordered our first purchase for the house.....a lounge for the home theatre, something like this pic. Ours will be a little bit darker than this one.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kitchen goes in

A quick trip by DH to the house today and found the kitchen people were at the house installing the kitchen and walk in pantry shelving. Kitchen cupboards are Polyurethane Moss Grey and the upper cupboards in White.

Managed to get a few pics on the phone

Along the left wall is the fridge cavity, then our tall cupboard, next a space for double wall oven with cupboards above and below, then walk in pantry door

Dishwasher will go in the space on the left
Exaust will go between the upper cupboards.
Microwave space in the upper cupboard on the left
 Walk in pantry shelving

Kitchen guys will be back tomorrow installing the laundry and bathroom cabinets. So hopefully some more pics tomorrow.

The carpenter & now another guy helping have finished the doors and moved onto the trims around the windows and skirtings.........its a big job, but they are doing a great job getting it all done.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Tiling has started

The last couple of weeks we expected no work on the house due to Xmas shutdown, but there has been some work completed by the tiler.

After Xmas the wet area's concrete base was put down ready for tiling.

This week the tilers have commenced tiling. The majority of the wet area's have been completed. The laundry:

Tiling in the laundry nearly finished.....better light for this pic

Powder room

Ensuite bathroom. Feature tiles will go in the niche.

A sample of our feature tiles

Main bathroom