Saturday, 9 March 2013

PCI done - handover booked

This week was pretty busy. On Monday we had an independent inspection done. Not that we were worried about the quality of the build, which we think is quite good. We just wanted another "expert" pair of eyes to check things over, especially as being novices we might miss something. They didn't spot anything major and commented that the quality of the build was quite good.

On Wednesday, 6 March 2013 we had our practical completion inspection completed. Nothing major found but lots of little jobs to be completed by handover.

We now have a handover date - Wed 20 March 2013.

Lots of things to be organised before then which will keep us pretty busy.

This week the security fences around the block came down and forwork for the driveway and path completed. On Friday they poured the concrete and it looks great. Just a couple of pics.

Path to front steps

Path along the side of the house

We have been so happy so far with the build and quality of the work. Now we are right at the end, there is one item that I am not happy with.

The lintel above the front door frame is not wide enough and so the brickwork above the door frame is rather messy. I know I am being extremely picky, but to me this is not a nice finish to complement the lovely stained timber door. I've been so happy with the quality of work done so far, so this is just one minor thing I am not happy about.

We've been provided some suggestions as to how to make this look better, so we'll do this after handover.

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