Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Water proofing

The wet areas for tiling have now been water proofed, ready for the tiler next year. Today the carpenter was there working on the door frames and installing the doors. As most tradies are starting to wind up for the year, there probably won't be any other work done til January 2013.

SS was hopeful the kitchen would go in before Xmas but the timing didn't workout with the manufacturer.

Main bathroom

Ensuite shower
Downstairs powder room 

Here are our home theatre cavity sliding doors, which will be stained.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Garage door

Today found the garage door intalled. Pretty happy with the colour.

The majority of the indoor doors look like they have been installed..........just can't get in to check.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Locked out!

Today the carpenter was onsite installing the doors.....yes, we are now officially locked out!

He will be back tomorrow installing all the doors before Xmas.....apparently the painters want to start in early January 2013.......sounds good to us.

So no kitchen today, but more important we are all secure. But likely the kitchen will be in before Xmas shutdown.

A few photo's......unfortunately with the early evening shadows

Our front door - Hume Savoy XS24 with translucent glass

Front door from inside

Skirting boards ready to be installed
 Upstairs balcony door - Hume JST1

 Internal doors - Hume Sorrento SOR5

Monday, 10 December 2012

Stairs.......and a couple of other things

A few things have been done since my last post. The lower floor brick work has been cleaned. So pleased with the brickwork, they have done a really great job.

And the chipped brick on the balcony I mentioned from an earlier post.....well that was for the electrician as that is where they drilled through for the electrical wires, as we are having a powerpoint in that spot and I forgot!

Last week they also installed the cornices over 2 days. They are decorative in most areas of the house except the walk in robes, pantry etc

The roof tilers were also back to cement the lower floor ridge capping.

Today, the staircase was installed.....and we love it! The hand rail will be stained. Also the edging where the balustrade is will be stained, as will the bottom two steps.


The kitchen is booked in to be installed this week, so I am guessing we'll be locked out soon too.