Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Locked out!

Today the carpenter was onsite installing the doors.....yes, we are now officially locked out!

He will be back tomorrow installing all the doors before Xmas.....apparently the painters want to start in early January 2013.......sounds good to us.

So no kitchen today, but more important we are all secure. But likely the kitchen will be in before Xmas shutdown.

A few photo's......unfortunately with the early evening shadows

Our front door - Hume Savoy XS24 with translucent glass

Front door from inside

Skirting boards ready to be installed
 Upstairs balcony door - Hume JST1

 Internal doors - Hume Sorrento SOR5


  1. Congrats on getting to this stage! I hope a lot more is completed before the christmas break. We are looking at building a majestic 35 so it's been great seeing your one come to life. Thank you for sharing all of this :)

  2. Hi Mary, pleased to hear the blog is helping with your building journey, as there is no display home currently of the Majestic. We are very happy with the Majestic design and even the SS said it was a big house! We are very pleased with the progress of the build. Good luck with your home, are you just beginning your build process?

  3. We are still in the investigation phase - looking at as many houses & companies that we can. Blogs like this one definately help us weed out the good companies from the bad.

    I think One Minto will open their Majestic 40 display home early next year, so it's going to be great to be able to walk through it :)