Monday, 25 March 2013

Moved in

We have now moved into our new home and loving it! The appliances are now installed and so is the air conditioning, which we have been using during these hot days, it works really well.

We are noticing how big the rooms are, including the kitchen and huge walk in pantry. We also have lots of storage which is great. With the higher ceilings I can't reach the top cupboards of the kitchen, laundry and my walk in robe. So I'll have to get a few step ladders.

Just a couple of pics of the kitchen


Our screen doors and flyscreen doors were installed today as well. The frame of the front door and balcony door are in a wood like aluminium to match the timber door. The match is pretty good and blends in well with the timber door frame.

We are also having a few electrical problems, from time to time our existing fridge keeps triggering the safety switch and shutting off one of the power circuits. We think it is taking a bit longer for the gasses to settle or some wiring in the fridge may have not travelled well with the move. Anyway our new fridge is due to be delivered tomorrow.  We are also having electrical problems with our washing machine as well, which also triggers the safety switche. So we are waiting for a service technician to contact us back. The joys of moving!

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  1. Love the kitchen! I'm in the same boat as you - I won't be able to reach the higher cupboards. Thanks for prompting me to purchase a step ladder :)