Sunday, 12 May 2013

Landscaping & decorating - slowly

Well we have been in the house approx. 8 weeks time flies!! Unfortunately not a lot to report, the landscaping and interior decoration has been rather slow.

For the landscaping, as it involves the pool, things have to be done in a particular order. First order of business was excavating the land area surrounding the pool. Next the plumbing of the pool, which only got done a couple of weeks ago.

Next step, laying the coping. Our landscaper started this week. However when the concrete pool is laid, the levels at the top are not at the same level. So he had to first concrete along the top to get the levels right. We are also laying sand on top of the plumbing ourselves, which has been this weekend's job. So next week the coping should be laid, the tiler booked in to do the water line tiles and fill in the rest of the soil around the pool so it is ready for paving.

The back and side fence also due to be done in a weeks time. 

Finally had our kitchen lights installed and finally bought some bar stools

Our home theatre is now in some sort of  order. Just need to decide how many walls we will paint and what colour.

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  1. Wow your house looks amazing! Cant wait to see the pool finished...Hope you guys are loving your new home :-)