Saturday, 22 June 2013

Landscaping.......progressing slowly

I wish I had more pictures to show of our landscaping, but unfortunately it has been progressing very slowly.

Mainly rain has held us up, a big downpour means we have to wait for the ground to dry out and we've had quite a few of those in the last month. More wet weather is forecast for tomorrow, so I guess that means no work again on Monday.

We also had a problem with our travertine pavers. We were around 12 sqm short so work stopped til those arrived. Plus we had around 10 sqm of our travertine pavers which our landscaper advised was not suitable to be used. So we rang Amber, this week they came and had a look and agreed to replace them. So the new pavers arrived on Friday and work started again.

Here are a few pics.......can't wait til it is finished.

Cement boarder for the pool fence

Road base
Travertine Pavers are laid on the alfresco and start of pool area

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