Sunday, 1 September 2013

Pool progress still slow

Well not a lot has happened since my last post. The pool people were advised mid June that they could come back and do the next stage of the pool - the waterline tiles. That only got finished by mid August. A couple of pics

The tiler was pretty lazy and left all of his rubbish on site......thanks for that.

Anyway they did come back and instal the filter last week and have booked in for 9 Sept 2013 to do a pool clean so it is ready for the lining. So we are slowly getting there.

Hopefully our landscaper can come back this week to built the timber look deck at the back, then we can get the pool fence installed. The lining will only go in once we have a pool fence, but once the lining goes in, then water must follow pretty quickly to fill the pool. We are getting closer to a finished pool.

We also have a bit of a garden at the front of the house......not much but it is a start. Now spring is here, we can start thinking about some lawn. We have had quite a bit of morning frost during winter so we have held off getting turf until now.


  1. I am just starting my journey on majestic series and finding blogs like yours very helpful so thank you for sharing your experience.

    I have a question on your front steps, would you mind sharing how much it cost you. I have been quoted a very large sum for two steps..


  2. Hi there, congrats on building your new home. We love the Majestic, a great house and well built. Our steps cost approx. $4k, including tiling. All the best

  3. Any further updates? Curious to see how your pool turned out :)