Friday, 8 February 2013

Tiles headache

Well this week has been quite eventful. Earlier in the week the tiler was there laying the main floor tiles, which are to go in the leisure room,dining, kitchen, pantry, store room and hallway. From a distance they all looked good. However when the SS went to check the work being done the next day, he cleaned the tiles a bit and he could see that not only were our tiles laid, but here and there a different tile was laid.

An inspection of the tile boxes confirmed the correct tiles were delivered. Apparently when the boxes were packed, they not only included our tile, but also mixed in was another tile very similar to ours but clearly different. Di Lorenzo and the tile supplier are trying to work our where the error occurred.

Here is a picture - the odd tiles are the lighter one's

Our SS Joe is a champion, who spotted the difference and halted the tiler laying any more tiles (only approx 2 metres not laid towards the front door). He is now trying to get this sorted, which may take a week or so to do. Shame the tiler didn't notice the tiles were a bit different.

What a headache for our SS to sort out. Anyway, we are waiting on another batch of tiles to see if they are very close to our tiles laid. If they are, then they could knock out the wrong tiles and re tile the correct ones. But if the new batch are a bit different, then all the tiles laid will have to be taken up and then the new batch of tiles re laid.

Anyway, what's done is done and we are pretty happy of the great job our SS is doing to spot the problem straight away and arranging to get this corrected as soon as possible.

A quick visit to the house today and found no tradies on site, but timed perfectly with the arrival of the SS. Managed to get some pictures. Very happy with all the other work that has been done.

Water tank now installed

External sensor lights

Our bedroom now with carpet

Wire shelving in the kids walk in robes

Stairs with carpet. The pink patches on the walls are the touch ups undercoated, ready for painting.

Here is a picture of our main floor tile and carpet


  1. It's good to see things are getting noted and fixed, poor Joe must have been busy with you as we have had limited contact and limited work down on our house this week. Also he arrived on site when i was there but drove off. Anyways i hope it all works out, the house is looking great :)

  2. Thanks J....yes, Joe must be run off his feet, especially if he has to deal with problems like ours. Had to cancel all our scheduled work for this week, then sort out the problem with the tiles with Di Lorenzo, supplier etc. Anyway, it will get sorted. Sorry to hear not much work done at your home this week, but the bricking/ roof stage was slower with us as well. Rest assured Joe will ensure you get a quality built home.