Saturday, 16 February 2013

House nearly finished

We are now heading into our last fortnight until expected practical completion. Most of the work inside is now done with only a few items remaining.

This week our tiles were laid again for the 2nd time. Thankfully this time they are the one colour. The kitchen splashback has also been installed.

A visit to the house today and the cleaners were there giving the house its first good clean. Managed to get a few pics.

Kitchen splashback installed - it is antique white. The lower cupboards are moss grey and the upper cupboards in white. The casearstone is osprey, which ties in the white and moss grey quite well.
Kitchen after a clean with tiles laid (tiles not yet cleaned).
I am looking for some green accessories to go in the kitchen to brighten it up a bit. I saw this same colour scheme in a Wisdom display home that we based our kitchen colours on, so I am keen to replicate that and get some green items.

I have looked at lots of stores in Sydney and online in Australia but I have not found anything I really like so far. The only ones I have found are only sold in the USA and unfortunately the cost of postage was extreme. However a relative is going over in May, so maybe they can get them for me (fingers crossed).

Here is a pic of the green storage jar. With our kitchen colour scheme, I think many other colours will go well, so when I no longer want green I can change accessories to another colour over the years to come.

Bathroom ensuite with downlights above the sink

Main bathroom

Main floor tile laid (before cleaning)
Our downlights downstairs. We will get some installed ourselves upstairs
The majority of work has been completed inside the house with only a few items that we can see that need to be completed
* Painting and touchup to be completed
* Sealing around benchtops/ caesarstone/ tiles in bathrooms
* Ducted air conditioning vents & air con installed
* Trim around window to fill the gaps to the bricks
* powerpoint & light covers
* stainless steel cutlery draw
I am sure there are a few other things to be done that we have not noticed yet.
Most of the major work now will be outside and if all goes well we will have pracical completion in two weeks time, weather permitting. Outside items to be completed before practical completion are:
* Landing with two steps to be built at the laundry door
* Four steps built to the front porch
* Completion of downpipes and connection to the water tank
Before hand over:
* Driveway
* Pathway up one side of the house
Just hope the rain holds up and does not disrupt the outdoor works too much.
All going well, we should have the keys in approx 4 weeks time.
Then we can start work on the pool and landscaping.


  1. Hi

    did you get your steps done as part of landscaping or with the slab. I need to make a decision hence seeking guidance. Thanks

  2. Hi there, our steps were a very late requirement, after council approval. They were not part of the slab, but built near the end of the house build