Friday, 22 February 2013

Outside works

This week most of the work has been outside. On Monday, the site was given a complete clean and most of the rubbish taken away. Still lots of rubbish around the temporary pool fence and also in the pool, which has quite a bit of water in it. There is heavy rain forecast for later tonight, so I guess it will fill up even more.

With the site clean the termite treatment was placed around the house as well.

Today we arranged to meet at the site at 7am with our pool builder to go through what needs to be done once we have handover of the house. When we arrived, the two brickies were there to build our steps and laundry landing. Plus the house was open, so I had the opportunity to quickly check inside. It looks like the painters had been in because all the touch ups have been done and final staining completed on the balcony door frame.

Managed to get a couple of pics on the phone. Our garage steps into the house have been tiled.

Our first two steps to the stairs have been stained and tie in nicely with our stained handrail.

The laundry landing and steps. The landing will be filled next week and concrete on top. Then it can be tiled.
The front steps. These will also be tiled next week

Just as we finished with our pool builder, the boys building the driveway and side path arrived which was great, as we could answer their questions straight away and confirm stencil pattern, colour etc. They said they are planning to start formwork next Tuesday and concrete pour the next day, subject to the weather.

Our SS advised if all goes to plan next week, we could have practical completion by next Friday!!! So only 7 days to go...........hopefully the wet weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow will have passed by Tuesday.

Subject to PCI going well, we could have keys in 3 weeks! Getting excited now.

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