Saturday, 19 January 2013

Painters have started

There was no work at the house yesterday, understandable as it was 46c! A cooler day today and we found the painters have started. Only some of the ceilings have been done, so not really much to photograph yet.

A walk around the house and we found the tiler had also grouted the tiles.........they look sooo much better.

A couple more pics. Here are our home theatre doors, finally remembered to take a photo. The timber will be stained in a clear stain.

Our pull out bin in the kitchen.
A wider shot of our kitchen......a walk through today and it feels huge, as does the walk in pantry. 
Our ensuite bathroom with tiles grouted. Liking them more now. Not sure what is happening with the lower tiles just above the vanity, I guess the tilers will be back to finish it off when they do the main floor tiles.
Main bathroom
Laundry cabinets.....even with them installed the laundry still feels spacious


  1. Wow, you have a beautiful home here. I was just browsing to get some ideas for my new home as we are looking to do a lot of refurbishment. Your bathroom tiles are stunning and I absolutely love the giant window in the kitchen, great way of opening up the space and letting in so much light! Thanks for sharing these great pictures!