Friday, 25 January 2013

More bits and pieces

Another week and more bits and pieces are completed. Managed to get some pics on the phone, sorry the quality is not great. Will update with better pics when I can get in the house with the camera.

A first coat of the house has been done.....everything looks white! Eventually the walls will be painted in an offwhite colour, called "Big White".

The shower screens have been installed, as well as the shower & taps.
Bath installed. It is quite deep.

Caesarstone benchtops and basins. Caesarstone is Ocean Foam.

Loos have also been installed. A pic of the powder room

Walk in robe dresser and shelf set

The kitchen caesarstone benchtops have also been installed. The colour is Osprey if you can see any of it under the coverings


  1. We are also using Big White. Can't wait to see your place once the painting has been done

  2. Thanks Jennifer. We visited the house yesterday and it looked like our bedroom had finished painting. Big white is WHITE! The sample card I had from bunnings looked like the colour was slightly off white, but now it is painted it is more white than I thought it would be. However I have to say it all looks great.