Thursday, 31 January 2013

More progress and new tile selected

Received a phone call this week from the tile supplier Di Lorenzo advising us the main floor tile we had selected last year, in April 2012, had been delivered to them from the tile supplier and they found it had a design fault through the lot of them and could not be used. Pretty happy that Di Lorenzo have quality control processes in place that picked this up. Hate to imagine the drama's if the floor tile had been laid, then had to be ripped up again.

So went off today to pick another tile. As our original main floor tile had been selected to go with the kitchen, laundry and downstairs bathroom, we tried to get as close to this so everything matched, as the original tile in a smaller size, which had no design fault, have already been laid in the laundry and powder room.

Anyway, we managed to find one we liked in the standard range, a little darker than what we had selected previously. They have them in stock, so hopefully they'll process the order asap and they'll get delivered soon. Hopefully the SS can schedule the tiler in soon too.

Each week more progress at the house. Met with our blinds supplier today on site and while there I took a few snaps of work done of the last week or so. It is all coming along quite well.

Our front door has been stained in mahogany.

So too has the balcony door

Kitchen caesarstone, sink and tap installed. Caesarstone is Osprey

Caesarstone groves for drainage have been added

My walk in robe has been completed with shelving and hanging rails. Lots of room.
Shower set which we love

Our lovely loo
Hand basin and taps

Our internal doors. Most have been painted now in Taubmans "Big White". On the little paint square you get from bunnings shows the colour as off white. However now it is painted on the walls and doors, it looks white. Still looks good, but I might have chosen a different caesarstone colour on the basins and kitchen if I know it would be so white.
Door handles
Stained staircase

Stained home theatre doors
Walk in store room shelving

We also decided on what blinds to have in our house, after thinking about it for 3 months or so, chaning our minds many times on what to have. We obtained 3 quotes, changed our mind again as to what we wanted, then decided finally on shutters for most of the home. So they have now been ordered and hopefully they'll be ready close to the time when we move in.

We are also getting verticals for the laundry and garage, and block out roller blinds for our 3 door stacker. Here is a pic of the shutters we have ordered, in white.


  1. Wow. Your house is looking excellent. You must be chuffed. :)

  2. Thanks PS. Yes, definately chuffed! Now the finishing touches are going in the house looks better and better each time we visit. Can't wait to live there!