Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kitchen goes in

A quick trip by DH to the house today and found the kitchen people were at the house installing the kitchen and walk in pantry shelving. Kitchen cupboards are Polyurethane Moss Grey and the upper cupboards in White.

Managed to get a few pics on the phone

Along the left wall is the fridge cavity, then our tall cupboard, next a space for double wall oven with cupboards above and below, then walk in pantry door

Dishwasher will go in the space on the left
Exaust will go between the upper cupboards.
Microwave space in the upper cupboard on the left
 Walk in pantry shelving

Kitchen guys will be back tomorrow installing the laundry and bathroom cabinets. So hopefully some more pics tomorrow.

The carpenter & now another guy helping have finished the doors and moved onto the trims around the windows and skirtings.........its a big job, but they are doing a great job getting it all done.

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