Friday, 22 June 2012

Another issue

Finally resolved the salinity issue, this week we have a new one. The builder has advised that due to the fall of the sewer, we need to raise the slab 200mm. Our tender did not  have any provision for this but it is also noted our site costs are subject to sewer requirements. Suprised to get this bit of news so late in the piece, but then better to know now than after the slab laid. Waiting on details from the  builder as to how they will raise the slab. Plans need to be redrawn and we'll be up for extra costs. Looking about another 4 weeks til we can start.

On another note, the pool people are ready to start the dig. But that is on hold too now til we find out details on how they are going to raise the slab level. Hopeing they might be able to use the soil from the pool dig to raise the land level for the higher slab. But I really don't know how that all works, so will have to try and find out more info.

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