Saturday, 2 June 2012

Salinity issue

Received notice that the council approved DA has indicated the block could have salinity issues. This would mean we need to upgrade the slab, have extra piering and upgrade the bricks to exposure grade.

We can get an independed report done to check this. Not sure how much this would cost but I would imagine a fair amount. The report could then come back and confirm salinity and we would need to upgrade the slab etc anyway. Or do we just do the upgrade without the report? Either way, it means more money spent. Haven't started the build yet and already extra costs.

Not happy to hear we needed to change the bricks to exposure grade, as we spent such a long time looking and deciding, then deciding on external colours. Wasn't too keen to go through the whole proccess again. So did a little surfing around the internet and found the product data sheet for the Austral Symmetry Asphalt bricks. Guess what? They are classed as "exposure grade". Thank goodness for that.

We were hoping the build would start mid June. If we decide to get the report first, I am sure that will delay the start of our build. Or do we just go ahead with the upgrade? CSO was not in on Friday, so hopefully we'll know some more details on Monday.


  1. We had the same issue and also picked the Asphalt bricks, thank god it only cost us the upgrade of the Slab and we got to keep our brick selection.

  2. Hi there, I noticed you went over your tender expiry date. Did you have to pay a cost for this? We have just been hit with a 10.5k tender expiry (50% discount of 21k). We weren't given the option to extend and it has been solely their issue the file has delayed. Do you have any advice?