Saturday, 3 November 2012

2nd floor eves done and bricks cleaned

A bit quieter on site this week. The 2nd floor bricks were cleaned on Monday, very happy how they look. The majority of brick work looks great but we did find one large chip in a brick on the balcony, so hopefully they can fix this.

Later in the week the 2nd floor eves were done and today the painters were there. It did rain around 12pm for about an hour so they must have managed to get it all done.

Next week they will remove the scafolding and complete the 1st floor roof and eves.

Front balcony

Second bedroom window

Master suite window. Broken glass will be replaced once scafolding is removed.
Chip in the brick on the balcony


  1. Brilliant house building project. As Professional Builders in Torquay, South Devon and The South West we appreciate such a high standard of workmanship.

  2. Hi there, project looks great. Can I ask how you resolved the chipped brick issue and also,what brick did you use and who was the supplier?