Saturday, 27 October 2012

Second floor roof installed

Earlier this week the guttering and facia were installed. Thursday the sarking and yesterday the roof tiles were laid.

Happier about the brick colour now, it goes well with the guttering and roof colours we have chosen.

Our tiles: Gunmetal Classic
Guttering: Monument
Facia: Evening Haze

They have not completed the first floor roof above the garage at the front and at the back over the leisure room and alfresco. Hopefully they'll be back next week to complete that bit.

Next should be the eaves and brick cleaning.
Sarking on the side of the house

Sarking at the back

Roof tiles on the garage side
 Roof tiles on the other side

2nd floor roof, guttering, facia and bricks. Happy with the colours

Roof at the back. Ground floor roof still to be completed

Roof above the garage to be completed

Some people think a building site is a dumping ground for their unwanted items.
 Anyone need an ironing board?

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