Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bricking continues

Last week the first floor bricking was completed and on Monday, they started erecting the scafolding for the 2nd floor bricks. Some bricking was completed up to Wednesday, but looks like no work on Thursday or Friday due to the rain and wind.

Our block is on a high elevation so if there is a bit of wind we really feel it where we are. It will be great in summer, but pretty cold in winter.

After a couple of days of rain the site is a real mess, inside and out. Hard to imagine it being all cleaned up, gyprocked and tiled. Now the first floor bricks have been done some of the rooms look quite dark, including the kitchen. We now start to see things we wished we did differently. Too late now! Hopefully once the gyprock is in the rooms will look a bit brighter.

Some more indoor plumbing has been done this week too where pipes have been connected through the house.

Weather forecast for next week is for sunny weather, so hopefully the brickies will get some more bricking done.

Front porch

Leisure room wall at the back

Western side of the house
Eastern side of the house

Front side on
 Front of the house

The temporary fencing around our house has now been extended to the other block on the right, as they are building with Wisdom too. They now have their loo and builders sign, so I guess they will be starting very soon. Wisdom will just have to move the 2 large pallet of bricks sitting on the boundry and into their block before they can start.

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