Monday, 26 November 2012

Aircon ducting & electrical wiring

Last week the lower ground eves were completed. Then the airconditioning ducting and electrical wiring was done as well.


  1. I assume your central air conditioning system is all done by now. I’ve seen your latest posts, and your house building project seems to be on full swing! By the way, once you’ve settled into your new home, don’t forget to perform routine cleaning on your AC. This can ensure it’ll work at maximum efficiency. However, maintenance tasks should be left in the hands of professionals. The evaporator and condenser parts of a central AC are sealed, so it’s best to have an expert open and service them to avoid any damage. Good luck on your home project!

    Georgia Fuller

  2. A well-installed electrical wiring will put your fears of accidents to rest. I had a bad experience with an awful electrical wiring that almost burned my house down. I'm lucky that my husband was quick on his feet. He shut down the main power and we quickly disconnected the plugged devices. Though the incident didn't turn into something worse, it's enough to make me vigilant about the wires' placement. Sorry for sharing a bit of a story there; the pictures just invoke a lot of memories for me. Your ducting looks nice!

    -Margert Woodcock