Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Roof framing complete and windows installed

Today the last part of the roof was erected, which means the framing stage is now complete. Today the windows must have been delivered and this afternoon they were instaling the windows and expected to be finished by the end of today. Windows are Anodic off white, which should hopefully have a nice contrast with our bricks.

The bricks are due to delivered early next week.


  1. Looks great , your at the same stage as us , though our bricks are here. Have they done all the plumbing ?

  2. Hi Bunnykin, Thanks. Our external plumbing is done, expecting them to do the internal plumbing some time soon. Bricks will be delivered on Monday. What house are you building?

  3. Manhattan 42 as rang today bricklaying starting Monday they have done an incredible amount in 3 weeks, amazing hope it keeps up